About the Data Governance and Archival Strategies category


This working group is tasked with exploring questions about how data is gathered and managed, choosing the right metadata and indexing and documentation structure, and developing protocols to ensure that data is used while respecting the rights and for the benefit of the data subjects.

  1. Defining a management and ownership structure for the dataset
  2. Scoping out legal concerns and societal impact of data choices
  3. Providing recommendations for how the above should affect the indexing, metadata, sourcing, and data maintenance infrastructure

Resources – onboarding – documentation

Entry document: Dataset Org: Data Governance and Archival Strategies

Current members

Karën Fort, M Saiful Bari, Guillaume Klein, Samson Tan, Jordi Armengol-Estapé, Yacine Jernite

Current chair(s)

Margaret Mitchell